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TetraScience connects to the Cellario Platform's Data Event API to automatically capture, normalize, analyze, and store any data produced by HighRes controlled instruments, events or systems. Your data goes where it should, with the right context, every time.

The Story

Life Science labs today utilize diverse instrumentation and point-to-point integrations, which lead to data silos and difficult compliance adherence. The Tetra Scientific Data Cloud™ treats experimental data as your core asset, delivering advanced data-centric capabilities to automate the full lifecycle of R&D data. The open, configurable, API-driven, and vendor-agnostic data cloud gives global Life Science companies the freedom of choice to connect their existing heterogeneous systems and best-of-breed data solutions, while re-platforming to the cloud.

The Goal

TetraScience should be able to ingest and parse any HighRes-produced data, whether generated by a researcher, a standalone instrument, an automated system, or a whole automated facility. Integrating the data consumption with the data producers in the lab environment lets scientists focus on science and not manipulating and copying data files.

The Solution

TetraScience utilized the Cellario Platform Data Event API to automatically capture data from both Real-Time Data Event Stream and the Post-Run Data Packager. The Tetra HighRes connector has the ability to parse native Cellario Data Events and the consolidated Data Package, which includes relevant system and instrument logs, user-generated data events during the run, the entire audit trail, etc. This enables a fully-contextualized data set to be generated and captured with minimal user effort.

"Cellario 3.5 enables TetraScience’s support of high-throughput experimentation and downstream data analytics through improved developer documentation, API standardization, and rich metadata extraction. We’re a winning collaboration for scientists!"

Mike Tarselli, Ph. D. TetraScience CSO

Detailed use case

Cloud-based Data Management with Lab Automation: HighRes Biosolutions Cellario + TetraScience

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