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Users of LabVoice’s assistant wanted to extend the interaction capability to interface with their automation and instrumentation to increase lab coverage and simplify the interactions with inherently complex equipment.

The Story

LabVoice seamlessly integrates with your existing lab infrastructure (instrument, software, databases) to enhance bench-level data capture, SOP & method compliance, and safety protocols. We employ voice assistants to fill critical gaps in lab processes & operations by leveraging an end-to-end cloud-based platform. LabVoice understands the benefit of simplifying the scientist’s life by enabling interaction with lab instruments and automation.

The Goal

Scientists want to expand and simplify the ways in which they can interact with their science, labs, instruments and automation, whether for assistance in experiment setup when your hands are full or not in front of a computer or a reminder on how to perform an infrequent process. This implementation allows LabVoice users to query, control and get guided assistance from Cellario using the LabVoice app and voice assistant.

The Solution

It was very simple to integrate the Cellario Platform into LabVoice using its versatile and modern API strategy. The workflow designs and API integration were an afternoon's work to get a comprehensive set of interactions enabled. It will be a breeze to build more complex workflows using the LabVoice platform in conjunction with the Cellario APIs.

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