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Genedata has partnered with HighRes Biosolutions to offer an integration allowing you to directly import HighRes-generated data into Genedata Screener®, an industry leading assay data analysis platform. The integration ensures that data from HighRes systems can easily be accessed in Genedata Screener, using both current and future software versions, with no user interaction required to ensure error free and real-time data flows where you need it.

The Story

Genedata produces industry leading assay data analysis tools. Their users have a wide array of data production means. Genedata understands that loading data into the analysis platform can be error prone and time consuming. This integration supports data automatically flowing from any Cellario controlled data source directly into Genedata with the right analysis parameters.

The Goal

Genedata saw the growing need to directly couple data analysis to the data production systems and instruments to provide error-free, real-time assay and operational data analysis.

The Solution

HighRes’ data centric API and platform made it simple to connect data production events to Genedata’s RESTful data import APIs. A simple data publish step is inserted into the automation protocol that includes all relevant publication information, e.g. Assay and Protocol version.

For details

Download PDF: Genedata Ready-to-Run