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Dotmatics leverages Cellario’s API and Platform to seamlessly offer functionality and protocols defined in the Cellario Scheduler to their Electronic Lab Notebook users. The integration also supports the automated capture and data analysis of any information produced by the instruments and automation.

The Story

Dotmatics is a scientific informatics software and services company that is driving the automation of laboratory workflows for discovery and innovation research - accelerating the journey towards full digitalization and the Lab of the Future. They offer a wide range of software for the laboratory environment including Electronic Lab Notebooks, Substance Registration Systems, Data Capture and Data Analysis.

The Goal

Dotmatics and HighRes saw a growing need to connect the experiment planning from the Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) into the execution of experiments from Cellario and back into data capture and analysis.

The Solution

Dotmatics implemented lab capability browsing and selection directly in their ELN using Cellario Services. The ELN will expose all available protocols and provide the necessary input parameters for each experiment. Since the protocols are self-describing, this can be completely automated. Dotmatics ELN then submits a Request into the Cellario Platform where a lab manager can review, assign and execute the work with the request details automatically driving the process. The data is automatically captured and sent back to Dotmatics to close the loop using the Cellario Data Event Stream.